Medium Length Hairstyles

{can you tell which pictures are self portraits taken in the middle of a coffee shop?  Look for the no smile awkward look;}

In two years, my hair has grown from balder than bald to a medium shoulder length.  It is fun having hair again! I recently got my haircut by Mandy at Tangerine, and I love it.  She cut the back up a bit and did a slight angle down to the front pieces.  I have decided to go without bangs for awhile, which is different for me.  I have a high forehead that really looks better with bangs, but sometimes a girl just has to mix it up a bit.  Although I love the cut, I’m finding myself in a rut with this in-between length. I decided to search Pinterest for some inspiration and here is what I found!

Did you know you can add curls/waves with a flat iron?  Above is a video that shows you how.  She shows how to add true curls.  I wind mine a bit more loose and do not hold it on the heat as long, as I am just adding to what I already have and don’t want such a set curled look.  
Kate from The Small Things blog, is my most favorite hair blogger EVER! She has many great ways to style hair, has great video tutorials, and even though I’m a professional hair stylist, I still learn from her!  If you click through, she has a ton of medium length styles. She is my ultimate hair inspiration blog, and my go-to place when I am in a rut, second only to my Pinterest boards.

Speaking of Pinboards, here is my Medium Length Hairstyles board.  Click through for more medium hair style ideas.
You might also want to check out my Hair How-To boards, for How-To hairstyles for every hair type.

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