Love/ Spiritual

Hurting Humanity

The song below expresses my heart.
It begs God to give us His eyes for the lost, poor, and broken.  God has allowed me to see, now I must check myself and ask if it HIS eyes I am choosing to look through.  Too often, I look through my own eyes, and start lose grasp of hope.

 Many broken hearted and hurting people have cross my path.  Unbelievably strong people, who have experienced much pain and turmoil, with very little hope that their circumstances will change here on this earth.  I see people I know who care so deeply that it hurts, as they have no choice but to watch someone they love deconstruct, making poor choice after poor choice. I see people in poor health, being told to see a specialist by their doctor, but don’t because they can’t afford to, and walk away with fear in their eyes, wondering about the results of tests that will never be taken.  I see mental illness wreak havoc on precious brains, taking them on terrifying highs and lows.  I see a mom, who’s heart breaks as she visits her son in jail, and soars as she welcomes him home, full of a love that is beautiful, complete.  I see a grandmother, fighting the system for 9 years, to save her grandchildren from a father who has done the unimaginable. I see her taking them in as her own, worn out from work, pressing on in school to finish a degree, all the while in physical pain due to chronic illness.  I see a woman who is demoralized as her husband continues to betray her, sitting in front of a computer, choosing to find fulfillment in something that never fulfills, but destroys.  I see young girls being sold, their purity ripped from them day after day as they experience a hell called brothel.

Every one of these people have a name, a name that I have the privilege to know. These are ones who are, as the song says, “broken-hearted, ones that are far beyond my reach.”

True…BUT, they are not beyond HIS reach, the reach of my HEAVENLY FATHER.

I must point them to eyes that are perfect, compassionate, full of hope, the answer.  I must point them to HIS eyes, and pray that they will feel His reach, and be whole.

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