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How To Rescue A Bedroom

My bedroom recently got a bit out of control.  Life has been more busy than normal. It seems like I would be home to eat, change & sleep– but then off to the next thing.  Seasons of life are like that.  I am always happy when margins are reestablished and life gives a break to rescue the mess left scattered in the path of busyness.

My bedroom is a place I work hard at maintaining a peaceful & romantic environment.  It is the place I relax, recharge and connect with my Love, and that is really hard to do in a mess!

Last night I decided to get busy and rescue our room.  It surprised me how little time it took despite the mess it had become.  Here are the steps I followed to rescue our poor room!

1.) Turn on all the lights & open the blinds/curtains.
It is always best to work in a nice, lit environment.

2.) Turn on music.
I’m a Spotify girl.

3.) Gather dishes.
Put outside of room in a basket designated for ‘things that belong elsewhere.’
Yep, I said dishes.  I know I’m not the only one who snacks in bed or has a water cup or tea cup next to my bed.

4.) Gather obvious trash.
This step is important.  Get the trash out!

5.) Clear off and make the bed.
Just put whatever is on the bed on the floor.  Don’t get caught up in putting things away yet.  This will trip you up and slow you down.  Just clear off the bed and make it.  You will need the cleared off space for organizing the rest of the room.

6.) Gather all clothes.  Sort dirty from clean.
This is always what makes up the bulk of my messy room.  Clothes.  I have a basket in my room for dirty clothes but this weekend it was taken downstairs so dirty clothes got thrown.  I can also get lazy with hanging up my clean clothes when life gets busy.

7.) Fold clean clothes.  Make a pile of clean clothes to hang up.

Do this on your cleared off & made bed.

8.) Gather hangers from the floor or closet and put them on the bed with clothes to hang up.

9.) Hang up clean clothes & put into closet.  Put away folded clothes into drawers.

10.) Gather any towels you might have found while gathering clothes.  
Put them in the dirty basket, or if clean, put them in the basket of things that belong somewhere else.

 11.) Gather all shoes.  Put them away.

12.) Shut drawers and doors.
This is a given, but open drawers and closet doors make a room look messy!

{Side note} While I was cleaning my room, I was typing the steps I was taking into my phone in order to share them with you in this post.  I must have been typing too fast, as I am chuckling to myself. Instead of ‘shut’ I typed a swear word that sounds like shut. Whoopsies! Paired with the word ‘drawers’ it hit me quite funny.  I’m in a coffee shop with the giggles.  {SMH.  So inappro-pro…as my middle school girl would say}

13.) Gather all small things and put them in their place.
We started with the obvious and large–trash, clothes, shoes, hangers, towels, make bed. It is starting to look good in here, huh?  Now on to all the little things that can make clutter.


Here are the small things that I gathered & put away.

earrings — I organize mine in a large open egg carton.  I keep it in my top dresser drawer.
money/change — Goes in the egg carton or in my purse for coffee refills at my fav coffee shop.
bobby pins — In a container along with elastic hair bands, in my top dresser drawer.
jewelry — I hang up necklaces.  All the rest is in my top dresser drawer.
vitamins — I have them in a basket and keep them in my dresser drawer.  I take mine at night.

makeup — The small mirror in the pics above is actually a cabinet where I keep my makeup.
books — only keep what you are currently reading in the bedroom.  Gather them into a basket.
lotion — I keep this in my mirror cabinet along with body spray & beauty products that I use daily.
pens — I have them on my dresser in a small vase.

fingernail files — I keep them on my dresser in a DIY glittered vase.
tv remote — goes in our nightstand drawer
extra phone charger & cord — goes in nightstand drawer
curling iron — goes in my mirrored cabinet
lint brush — I keep this in a small bin on a shelf in husbands closet, along with shoe polish, and our iron/ironing board.  I rarely iron, but if I do, I like to do it in our bedroom.

14.) Dust.
I use a feather duster.  Easy breezy.

15.) Sweep/Vacuum.

16.) Light candles.

I love candle light in my room.  It is instant calming atmosphere & created a romantic vibe.

17.) Put meaningful photos front and center.
The above was taken on our honeymoon cruise almost 18 years ago!

18.) Change music to something chill.

19.) Put on your p.j.’s & relax!
Even if it is not evening…you deserve it!


The key to an easy pick up and keeping a clean room is to have a place for everything.  Notice what is making up the mess.  Ask yourself what objects you want in your room.  Only keep the things that are used, and have a designated place for them.

I love how I feel in a hotel room–where things are minimal, but you have everything you need.  I try to recreate that feeling in our own bedroom.


How does your bedroom look right now?  Is it an easy or hard room to keep clean?
Leave a comment or come join the conversation at New Nostalgia Facebook Page.

Want more inspiration?  Here are 14 Ways To Organize A Bedroom.


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  • AmyT
    March 3, 2016 at 6:04 pm

    i love your night stand lamp and the wood as a theme color. Where did u find that lamp? And I noted the pedicure came prior to the bedroom tidying. hahaha. Taking your cue. 😉 Looks nice, tidy and cozy and not cluttery. Mine is cluttery a bit b/c we have poor storage space. I need more closet space for blankets, otu of season clothing and wife needs a new dresser.

  • Melanie
    April 7, 2014 at 7:06 pm

    I’m really going to follow your guide here and rescue my bedroom! Btw…your side note made me lol! Ha…Ha!

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