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Finding New Nostalgia

If you are interested in finding New Nostalgia on other places of this amazing world wide web, then read on, click on, like on, pin on, & tweet on!
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New Nostlagia’s Facebook page is a fun place to be.  I love sharing links I love, thoughts I have and recent posts written.  This is the BEST place to interact with you all. The relationships and community that has been building at our Facebook page makes me feel giddy and warm all over.  Your comments to me feel like hugs…well, most of them.  Even comments that do not leave a warm fuzzy feeling promote great discussion and I learn from YOU all the time.  This is also a very easy way to share New Nostalgia with your Facebook friends and share any posts you love with others.  I love it and I’m so grateful when you do that!
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I am new to using Twitter regularly.  I use Twitter as a place to share random things that appeal and interest me. I also post all my New Nostalgia pins to Twitter so it is a good place to keep up with NN if you are a tweeter.  I also love following and reading your tweets!
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I am also fairly new to Instagram AND I LOVE IT! I’m actually a bit obsessed.  I think it is because I am so grateful for this life I get to live and Instagram is a place for me to share everyday tidbits of this awesome life in a visual way.  I love how it captures the small moments that would easily be forgotten.  If you have the Instagram app, you can follow me at Amy_NewNostalgia.  If you don’t have a phone with the app, no worries!  There is a great site called Statigram where you can enjoy Instagram photos of your friends through the web.  Just hit the follow button above.
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And finally…Pinterest!  Pinterest oh Pinterest, how I love thee!  Pinterest is a place where you can create virtual boards to pin your favorite finds on the web.  It is very interactive and you can follow those you like or whose tastes jive with yours, and repin their pins!  I love Pinterest.  Join me and over 45,000 others who follow New Nostalgia’s Pinterest boards.

A final note–a post that promotes self always feels a bit funny to me.  I want you to know that I am so thankful to all of you who support me by sharing New Nostalgia, and by commenting and just reading!  Without your support, this would be a very lonely place.  Instead, it is a place that I can’t wait to sign on every morning and share myself & share community with you!  Thank you for receiving me.

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