Fall Break Fun

My girls have a week off of school for fall break.  Today was the first day, and after chores were done this morning, it only took about an hour until I heard the words “Mom…I’m bored!” When I think of all the awesome things my sweet but spoiled girls have to keep them busy, I was pretty surprised to hear those words so soon into our break!

I know a list helps keep me focused and on track with the flow of my day, so I thought maybe it would help them, too.  I grabbed a pen and paper, called my girls into the living room and made them pop a squat on the living room floor right in front of my feet.  Then I asked them to help me make a list of all the fun things they can do to keep themselves busy during break.  They really got into it and we were able to come up with a whole bunch of fun stuff to do!  As we brain stormed, it was neat how they were able to think of things they have not done in awhile, like lincoln logs and making paper snowflakes.

When we were done, I copied the list onto a large piece of paper and hung it on our dining room wall.  I made a place for each of them to initial beside each idea, so they can keep track of what they have done.
They played with playdoh for the first time in a very long time today, it kept them quite busy!  They are all excited to wake up tomorrow and decide what they are going to do next. I think we were able to come up with enough things to make this fall break very fun!

Here is what we came up with:
Legos, Art, Twister Dance, Karaoke, Sidewalk Chalk, Play-Doh, Nintendo DSi, Pop Beads, Computer, Hullabaloo, Puzzibits, KEVA Planks, Pop Beads, Beads, Paper Snowflakes, Doll House, Babies, Dress-Up, Barbies, Marker Board(Dry Erase Board), Hullabaloo, Scooters/Bikes, Lincoln Logs, Sticks, Crossword Puzzles, Piano, Basketball, Hide n Seek, Sardines, Trace Cookie Cutters, Bake/Cook, Doctor/Nurse, Beauty Shop, Lite Brit, Puppets, Puzzles, Tea Party, Tinker Toy, School, Play Food, Coloring Pages, Polish Nails/Toes, Boochie, Life, Battleship, Circus Game, Drawing Game, Parcheesi, Visit Library, Play At Park, Go For A Hike!  Whew!

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