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DIY Personalized Canvas

 I have a good friend that signs his letters or chats off with the phrase “Love and Light.” That phrase has become a super special between the two of us, as it was weaved into a eulogy I gave for his dear sister, my sweet friend.  When the anniversary of her passing was approaching, I wanted to make him a gift that was meaningful.  I decided to make him a personalized canvas with his phrase, ‘Love & Light’ on it.  I wanted something super simple looking, not too fussy.  It was for a guy after all!  I was inspired by a pin I saw on pinterest.  The pin is actually linked to personal canvases that are being sold for $345.00!  Whoa.  I will make my own thankyouverymuch.
I started at the craft store, and was able to buy the square canvases in bulk, 4 for $20.00.  Not bad!  The craft store also had all kinds of fun wooden letters and shapes.  This project is really versatile. You can make it more holiday themed with the words “Merry Christmas!”  You could make one that said “Let It Snow!” and put white glitter on the letters.  You could put your child’s name and add little miniature wooden clothespins to hold special papers.  You could put a bride and grooms name and wedding date on one.  The possibilities really are endless.
I started with gluing on the wooden letters, by simply brushing the backs with glue.
Here is the brand I used.
Let the glue dry.  This didn’t take long.
Then simply spray paint, making sure to get all edges of the canvas and the letters.
I made another for myself with one of my most favorite words–Simplify.
Once the spray paint is dried, add a pearl finish to the letters which makes them catch the light and stand out a bit.  I love the effect this gave them.  I also recommend sealing with a clear gesso or some type of spray sealant.  I didn’t do this step, but in hindsight I think it would make for easier cleaning/dusting.
Let me know if you make on of these!  They can be any size, color, glitter added or not, any word or any wooden shape. 
DIY Personalized Canvas
1. Position wooden letters to canvas.
2. Brush with glue, glue into place, let dry.
3. Spray paint entire piece.
4. Add pearl effect to letters only.
5. Seal with spay sealant.
Let me know if you have any other fun ideas for this project in the comments!

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