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RX Protein Bars with Nut Butter and Chia for Breakfast or Snack

RX Protein Bars topped with nut butter & seeds. Super filling and super nutritious!

*not a sponsored post

I’ve been having a little love affair with RXBar’s.  I was so happy to finally find a protein bar that had just a few ingredients that were actually real ingredients. I’ve had them for breakfast when I’m in a hurry, but I mostly use them as a snack when I’m craving something sweet but want something that adds to my total daily nutrition.

It has been a goal of mine lately to squeeze as much nutritional value from my snacks as possible. I’m also trying hard to stay away from processed sugars and artificial ingredients. This is why these bars are so appealing!

RX Protein Bars use dates to sweeten, which still adds sugar, but it is sugar from a whole food and is lower on the glycemic scale. When eaten in this bar form, the protein and fiber help keep blood sugars stable. The dates are rich in fiber, potassium, and copper, and are said to promote digestive health, reduce blood pressure and fight inflammation. This is what I mean by getting nutritional value from my snacks! Plain sugar does not have these benefits, and corn syrup certainly does not!

RX Protein Bar Topped with Nut Butter & Chia Seeds! Extra nutritious & filling.

The matte packaging is on point and you must admit, seeing the simple ingredients listed on the front is brilliant. I told my teen girls that B.S. stands for “boring stuff.” They didn’t believe me. Seeing just 4 ingredients in the list is so refreshing. Compare that to a PowerBar protein bar…brace yourself…

Seeing just 4 ingredients in the list is so refreshing. Compare that to a PowerBar protein bar…brace yourself…

POWERBAR Ingredient List:


Whoa. lots of caseinates which can be rough on the stomach, and look at all of those syrups, & GMO Soy! I’m wrinkling my nose as I type.

In RXbars, there is no gluten, no soy, no dairy, no added sugars or GMO’s. They are preservative free and the protein is from eggs instead of dairy, so if you have a dairy sensitivities you need not worry! My digestive system has been reacting negatively when I have dairy, so I like that the protein is from eggs.

My one complaint about RX Protein Bars is that some of them have “natural flavor.” I never love seeing that phrase in the ingredient list, as it can mean several things and often the “natural” is not so natural. The peanut butter RXbar does not have natural flavors, so I tend to lean towards that one.

RX Protein Bar Topped with Nut Butter & Chia Seeds! Extra nutritious & filling.

I like to doctor these bars up a bit. They are delicious on their own, but are even more delicious topped with a dollop of almond butter and a sprinkle of chia, which add even more health benefits. The almond butter acts almost like a frosting and truly satisfies when I want to eat dessert. Plus, look how pretty it is!

The bars contain 12g of protein, but by adding almond butter and chia, you up the protein to 20g! It adds more filling fiber, too!

I try to eat at least 1-2 tablespoons of chia a day. They have all eight essential amino acids and a bunch of trace minerals and micronutrients. Just 2 tablespoons of Chia has 5 times the omega-3 content of a 1/4 cup serving of walnuts, twice the iron and magnesium of a cup of spinach, as much calcium as a half-cup of milk, and more than twice the fiber of a cup of oatmeal! These little seeds are powerhouses!

Almond butter acts like a creamy frosting on these bars, I just love it as a topping! It truly satisfies when I want to eat dessert. Plus, look how pretty it is! Almond butter offers fiber and protein, just one tablespoon= 4 grams of protein!

RX Protein Bar Topped with Nut Butter & Chia Seeds! Extra nutritious & filling.

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RXbars are on the pricey side, but the cost is worth it to me, especially when I cut a bar in half and eat one half as an afternoon snack, and the other as an evening snack. Two for the price of one, plus I bust my sugar cravings with a nutrition-filled snack!

What about you? What are your favorite high protein and filling snacks?

What is a favorite grab & go breakfast?

Have you incorporated chia into your diet? If so, how do you like to eat it?

Interested in using dates in your cooking? Check out this Date Paste recipe. Caramel-y delicious!

Want another way to incorporate chia into your diet? —> Overnight Chia Oat Breakfast Pudding

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Baja Fish Tacos and My Thoughts on Home Chef

Baja Fish Tacos from Home Chef

I just made the most delicious Baja Fish Tacos thanks to the meal delivery system called Home Chef. I served them up to my taco- lovin’ husband and we had a sweet little meal for two.

Table Set For Two Baja Tacos

The Baja Fish Tacos are topped with the most delicious Sriracha Slaw, which really is key for the amazing flavor of these tacos, along with the Quick Pickled Red Onion which added the perfect acidity. I knew my Todd would enjoy the bit of spice from the Sriracha Slaw and I was right. He ended the meal with “wow, that had great flavor!” See video below, we captured his first bite!

Limes from Home Chef

Sriracha Slaw from Home Chef

That little compliment from my man set my mood to ‘happy’ the rest of the evening. My love language is words of affirmation, and when they are given in response to my food, it is twice as nice!

Home Chef truly helped make me look good. I can take credit for my dinner because I did cook it, but let’s be honest, Home Chef did most of the work for me! Shhh…don’t tell Todd.

Home Chef Meal box

Fish from Home Chef

Baja Fish Taco Ingredients from Home Chef

Home Chef Meal Delivery System

Home Chef is a fresh ingredient and recipe meal delivery service. It is “Home Cooking Made Simple” and delivers everything you need for a delicious meal. An insulated box is delivered to your door and stays cold until you get home, with no signature required.

I was giddy with the idea of a chef creating recipes, planning my menu and shopping for me!

A meal delivery service means no grocery lines, no menu planning, no fighting traffic while driving to the store, no parking lot struggles (or in my case remembering where you parked), no wasting money on unhealthy takeout, and perfectly portioned ingredients which means no waste.

The Home Chef website is really easy to use. You choose between 13 easy-to-follow recipes which are always updated. They offer meat, seafood, low-carb, gluten-free options and also vegetarian options. They use ingredient suppliers with sustainable practices & who benefit the ecosystems in which they operate.

One of my favorite things about Home Chef was that you can edit the number of weekly meals or servings you receive, skip a week or pause your account with the click of a button. Subscriptions are easy and flexible, and there are no binding contracts which means you can try it with no commitment and cancel at any time.

Ingredients from Home Chef delivery

Baja Fish Tacos

 Home Chef Recipes

I’ve made 2 Home Chef recipes: Baja Fish Tacos & Steak au Poivre. Both were absolutely delicious! I will share the Steak au Poivre sauce recipe in an upcoming post so stay tuned. You will not want to miss that recipe. I’m still dreaming about that sauce– it was divine!

The Baja Fish Tacos were really fun to make. I unpacked the box, set out the ingredients, read over the step-by-step illustrated instructions on the meal recipe card, and got my chef on!

What I loved about making both meals was I learned cooking techniques I have never done before, along with simple tips I can reuse over and over.

Baja Fish Tacos from Home Chef

Example? The Sriracha Slaw was so delicious and tasted like it had layers of amazing flavor, yet it was dressed with just two ingredients–mayo and Sriracha. I never buy Sriracha because I always thought it would be too spicy. Now I know it adds a great garlic and chili flavor and is not too spicy if used in moderation.

Another example is that I have never fried fish. It was intimidating to me because I didn’t want to overcook the fish. The recipe card comes with “chef tips” and one of them was that the batter for the fish should be nice and thin so that it cooks quickly and you won’t overcook the fish.

It worked beautifully, and although we rarely eat fried food, I like knowing how to do it, so that when we do eat it I’m the one who makes it. I like this option way more than buying frozen fried food that is full of questionable ingredients.

I also love that the recipe card is for the entire meal, so that at the end of about 30 minutes the main dish and side dishes are all done at the same time! Home Chef does all the thinking for you! I REALLY like that.

When I’m planning my own meals the side dishes are more like an afterthought, and I use whatever I have at home. With Home Chef, the meal components go so well together because the side dishes are planned by a real chef, to go perfectly with the main course, like the slaw topping for these fish tacos, or the cauliflower gratin side dish that came as part of the Steak au Poivre.

Convenience and confidence–these are the 2 words I think of when summing up my Home Chef experience. It can’t be any more convenient and my confidence as a home chef was at an all-time high making such easy, beautiful and delicious meals!

Home Chef Baja Fish Tacos

Baja Fish Tacos with Sriracha Slaw

Go to the Home Chef website and search Baja Fish Tacos. You will see how beautifully they share a recipe meal plan, step-by-step with tips along the way. They even make each recipe easy to share with your friends using their social media share buttons.

Watch Me Make Baja Fish Tacos with Home Chef

{watch this 60-second video to the end to see my Todd taking his first bite and me laughing at my daughter filming us!}

$30 Off Your First Purchase

Use voucher code NEWFOOD FOR $30 Off your first purchase. If you click-through to Home Chef using any links from this post, the voucher code is already embedded and will appear when you check out. Easy Peasy!

Need a fun gift for a friend? Have a friend going through a struggle that makes meal planning hard? Home Chef offers GIFT CARDS! I don’t know about you, but I would LOVE being gifted a subscription to Home Chef.

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What about you? Does subscribing to Home Chef appeal to you? What would you enjoy about a home recipe and ingredient delivery system?


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Smushed Berry Yogurt Cup Easy To Go Breakfast

Smushed Berry Yogurt Cup for a healthy and easy to-go breakfast! Super filling full of protein and fiber.

If you follow my Instastories, you will know I have been obsessed with Smushed Berry Yogurt Cups!

I am finding myself on the go in the mornings, and have needed a healthy, portable, easy- to- throw- together breakfast that will keep me full well into lunch time.  I found the answer in these great yogurt concoctions.

I first experienced these handy Smushed Berry Yogurt Cups when I recently visited my sweet friend, Karen, in California! I love telling the story of how we met. It was through this very blog! She is a fellow cancer survivor and was searching for something cancer-related and found New Nostalgia. We started emailing and sharing our stories. As our hearts knitted online, she decided to come to Nebraska for a visit and we have been going back and forth, visiting each other, for the last 5 years. We talk every day via the Voxer App. She is one of the sweetest gifts given to me through cancer. My beauty- in- ashes friend.

She took me on many adventures during my last visit to California. We were often in her car traveling to our many amazing destinations, and most mornings she packed Smushed Berry Yogurt Cups as an easy and healthy breakfast to eat in the car. She is even responsible for naming these awesome cups. I love hearing her say it…”shmooooshed berry yogurt cups.” Makes me smile.Smushed Berry Yogurt Cup for a healthy and easy to-go breakfast! Super filling full of protein and fiber.

There are 4 key things to making these cups unique and healthy.

  1. Brand of Yogurt
  2. “Smoooshing”
  3. Berries
  4. Seeds

Smushed Berry Yogurt Cup for a healthy and easy to-go breakfast! Super filling full of protein and fiber.

Oikos Triple Zero Yogurt

I often make my own yogurt and love it, but there are weeks when I want super convenience, and Oikos Triple Zero (this is not a sponsored post fyi) yogurt gives me that! Store bought yogurt is notorious for being full of sugar and artificial colors, and if they don’t have sugar they would be full of artificial sugar and colors.

I stay away from these chemically laden ingredients and searched high and low for a brand that does not contain them. I had found the brand but had not added any fun berries or seeds until my Karen friend showed me how she does it.

Oikos uses the stevia herb to sweeten, uses vegetable juice for color. My one complaint is that it is not organic, which is why I still make my own on weeks that I have time to!

I buy Oikos Triple Zero at Sam’s.

Smoosh Berry Yogurt Cup – Smush and Make Take it To Go

I loved watching my Karen prepare these cups for our travel adventures. She would open it right up, add the berries, sprinkle with the seeds, then top it all with the lid that came with the cups. She then would smush everything right down using the lid.Using a paper towel folded into thirds, she would wrap the cup with the paper towel and stick the cups into a little portable cooler.

Smushed Berry Yogurt Cup for a healthy and easy to-go breakfast! Super filling full of protein and fiber.

Berries For Your Yogurt Cup

I love berries! I usually buy my berries at Sam’s because the price is so right! My favorite berries in these Smushed Berry Yogurt Cup are blueberries and raspberries. I often use strawberries, too, but raspberries are so awesome for smooshing! They fall apart into bitty pieces that mix in so nicely with the yogurt. Berries add a ton of phytonutrients, antioxidants & fiber. I try to eat berries every day, and these cups are my new favorite way!

Seeds For Your Smushed Berry Yogurt Cup

Another thing I try to eat every day for the health benefits is seeds. Seeds are high in fiber, vitamin E, and good fats. They help keep hearts healthy and bodies disease-free. They are a great source of protein, minerals, zinc and all kinds of other nutrients.

My favorite blend of seeds is from Trader Joes called Super Seed and Ancient Grain Blend. It is a blend of seeds like chia, flax, hemp, red quinoa, amaranth and sprouted grains like buckwheat and millet. I love everything about this blend.

The price is right, it is super convenient, and sprouted. Sprouting (germinating) the grains increase the bioavailability of nutrients, so you get more nutritious bang for your buck! I have yet to sprout my own seeds and grains at home. Thank you Trader Joes for doing it for me!

If you don’t live close to a Trader Joes, just sprinkle your yogurt with chia and hemp seeds. Those two are powerhouses!

I have yet to sprout my own seeds and grains at home. Thank you Trader Joes for doing it for me! If you don’t live close to a Trader Joes, just sprinkle your yogurt with chia and hemp seeds. Those two are powerhouses!

Seeds in the Smushed Berry Yogurt Cup are key to keeping you nice and full until lunchtime!

Smushed Berry Yogurt Cup for a healthy and easy to-go breakfast! Super filling full of protein and fiber.

Super Portable Smushed Berry Yogurt Cup

The above 2 photos are from my Instastories, taken on the go to show my new favorite breakfast. I never use a cooler, because I eat them so quickly! I just put on the lid, wrap in a folded paper towel (which doubles as a napkin), and take along a plastic spoon. The cup fits perfectly in my car drink holder. I have found myself eating them in the parking lot of my favorite coffee shops.

My girls are out of school for the summer and I have been escaping early morning to get my writing done at coffee shops. I would rather not buy high sugar muffins that these shops offer that are not good for me. This is why eating my yogurt cup before entering into temptation is key for me! I walk in full and satisfied and save money by only buying a black cup of coffee.

Smushed Berry Yogurt Cup for a healthy and easy to-go breakfast! Super filling full of protein and fiber.

Look at all that goodness all smashed in! My Karen showed me out to take off the lid, and use my spoon to smush the berries right down into the yogurt. The raspberries break up, the seeds get all mixed in. The texture of the yogurt is amazing! Juicy bits of raspberries, the occasional crunch of seeds, the fruitiness of blueberries and a bit of chew from chia that has been sitting and softening in the yogurt. It is so satisfying!

Smushed Berry Yogurt Cup for a healthy and easy to-go breakfast! Super filling full of protein and fiber.

There are days I eat my yogurt at home. If I want to be extra generous with fruit, I will dump all in a bowl like the photo above. The added mango was delicious!

Give Smushed Berry Yogurt Cup a try & let me know what you think.

Let me know your thoughts– does a portable breakfast appeal to you? Do you ever eat your breakfast in the car?


3 Ingredient Trader Joes Vegan Bruschetta Lentil Pasta Salad for a Crowd

Trader Joes Lentil Bruschetta Pasta Salad


Whenever I need a pasta salad that will feed a crowd but don’t have much time, I make this 3 Ingredient Trader Joe’s Bruschetta Lentil Pasta Salad — whoa that is a mouthful!

The name may be complicated to say, but the recipe could not be easier! It is as easy as boiling noodles.

I simply boil 2 packages of pasta and make sure I have Trader Joe’s pre-made lentils and a container of their bruschetta on hand.

Then it is just a matter of draining the pasta, adding in lentils and bruschetta, a quick stir and voila! You have easy, delicious pasta salad that feeds at least 32 people.

Continue Reading…


Anti-Procrastination Weekly Update



My trip to California was so amazing. Thank you to those who followed along on Instagram and commented your delight for me in all that I experienced. I came back absolutely in awe of God’s creation and His love for me shown through beauty and the love of my sweet friends who I stayed with all week.

The day after I arrived back home, I had my every 3-month injection and my 6-month oncology checkup. My doctor checked for lumps and bumps and found none. I always breathe a sigh of relief after seeing my Oncologist and having her capable hands check me over. I’m eager to hear how my blood work looks. The injection set me back this week, as it always does. It is jolting, to rid the body of all hormones and set me into artificial menopause. I feel it both physically and mentally. It usually takes a good week to get back into the swing of life and start feeling myself. I think it was extra rough this time due to jet lag, coming down from the high of a wonderful vacation, and very little sun. I am starting to feel my easy joy, hope, faith and energy coming back so I’m eager to start this week!


Weekly Goals

Meal Plan — grocery list +5 meals

Dates — my Todd, my girls, one close friend

Do a Pin —Healthier 3 Ingredient Rice Crispy Treats

Reading Progress — Anti-Cancer: A New Way Of LifeKatharina & Martin LutherNothing To Prove; One


Daily Personal Health Goals

Spiritual — journal, Scripture, pray, meditate

Move Body — walk, yoga or strength training

Hydrate + Nutrients — water (80 oz a day); leafy greens & berries, vitamins, powdered greens


 Everyday Home Goals

{doing these things every day has changed my world!}

Make Bed

Wipe Surfaces (bathroom sinks/counters, kitchen counters, tables)

Clutter (quick pick up and a few minutes wherever it is accumulating)

One Full Load (dishwasher & laundry–don’t stop until dishes and clothes are put away!)

Floors (quick sweep, vacuum & spot clean — if needed)


A Chore A Day Goals

{these daily chores have been key to keeping my house clean in minutes a day!}

– Bathrooms (all but the floor…that will come on Thursday!)

– Dusting (“work quickly, top to bottom, left to right” –Clean Mama)

– Vacuuming (just the middles will do)

Th – Floors (sweep & mop)

– You choose! (did you miss a day? No worries. Fridays are catch up days!

Sa – towels & sheets (nothing like fresh sheets and towels!)

Su – none (just do Everyday Home Goals listed above)


{Homekeeping Goals Inspired by Clean Mama’s Simply Clean Book}

Ap-poster copy

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Latest Obsessions

{some are affiliate links}

Best way to drink lots of water

Bubba Envy Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

There is just something about drinking super cold water with a big ol’ straw! I’ve been drinking more water than ever lately thanks to my new Bubba Envy Vacuum Insulated Tumbler. It keeps ice for over hours, has a large, easy- to- remove lid, fits easily under my ice dispenser and ALL of the ice goes right into the tumbler instead of on my floor!  It has a silicone base pad to keep it from slipping and fits perfectly in my car drink holders. I take it everywhere!


Ongoing Obsessions

Kindle Fire

This ongoing obsession with my Kindle Fire is not letting up. I especially love using it in the evenings when tucked in bed. It’s like my own perfect sized, personal television. Before I indulge in watching Netflix or Amazon Prime shoes,  I make sure I read at least a chapter or two of whatever book is on my Kindle. I love using the same device to both read and watch. It is going to come in very handy on my flight to Cali!

Essential Oil Diffuser

Still using it daily and love it! The Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser by AromaSoft is amazing for getting the scent out into larger rooms. It is priced very reasonably and works so well! After buying 4 other diffusers, I did some research, read a ton of reviews, and bought this one. I’m so happy I did!

Spaghetti Sauce Sweetened With Carrots

Recipes I’m Making This Week

{Watch my Instagram Stories for a glimpse of the making of these recipes. I often capture my cooking process!}

We divide our grocery budget according to how many weeks are in the month. This week’s groceries fell on the last week of April so I need to be a bit frugal this week. Whatever amount I go over in the previous weeks of the month come out of the following weeks budget, so by the time we get to the last week of the month there is usually not as much left as the first week.

Because of this, our meals this week will be pretty basic, buy yummy!


Spaghetti (with homemade sauce sweetened with carrots!)

Instant Pot Buttery Lemon Chicken

Chicken Fried Rice

Veggie Burgers


Instant Pot Weekly Staples

Crockpot Bone Broth (made it in Instant Pot this time)

Instant Pot Yogurt  | Instant Pot Steel Cut Oats | Instant Pot Quinoa Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs |



What are you wanting to get done this week?

What recipes are you planning on making?

Are you on Pinterest? Share a favorite pin you want to accomplish.



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How To Make The Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

I have been on the hunt for the perfect way to make a hard-boiled egg, and finally found a method that works for me!

I have been on the hunt for the perfect way to make a hard-boiled egg, and finally think I found something that works for me!

I sheepishly confess I have been purchasing organic, peeled hard-boiled eggs from my local coo-op, at a price that is WAY too high. I do have to say, it was nice to have someone else boil and peel the eggs, but at $2.99 for 4 eggs, it is something that I need to do myself!  I remember telling a friend that I paid this for my hard-boiled eggs and she just chuckled at me, and thought it was hilarious that I was willing to pay way too much for something that could so easily be done at home. I knew it was time to change up my method and find something that worked for me.

The method I used to use was this: eggs go in a pan, fill pan with water, turn heat on to boil, once it comes to a boil turn the heat off and set timer for 12 minutes. That SHOULD work, but it didn’t for me. The above method takes an eye on boiling water, making sure to set the timer the minute the water comes to a boil. I am not one that is patient enough to watch for water to boil, so I would either set the timer too late or too early, and my eggs would either be undercooked or overcooked with that dreaded dark ring around the yolk.

My new method is similar, (keep scrolling for detailed instructions) except you bring the water to a boil FIRST, then carefully lower each egg into the boiling water with a large spoon, then immediately set the timer. When the timer goes off, you rinse and soak in cold water until the eggs feel cool to the touch. I like this so much better, as I don’t have to keep an eye on the water and set the timer the minute it boils.

carton of eggs

Hard boiled eggs make the perfect protein snack. I love storing them in large mason jars in my refrigerator, the clear glass makes them easy to see and grab, but the jar seals and the oder does not permeate my entire refrigerator.

My girls will grab an egg to have with toast for breakfast, or as a quick afternoon snack. They also love egg salad sandwiches and I recently used it in my favorite chicken salad recipe as one of the ingredients that makes my chicken salad to die for! The other ingredient is sliced grapes…try hard boiled egg and sliced grapes in your favorite chicken salad recipe…you will love it!


How To Make The Perfect Hard-Boiled Egg

Step 1: The Boiling Stage

Put up a pot of water to boil — you’ll need one big enough for water to flow freely around the number of eggs you’ll be cooking. Once the water’s boiling, use a large spoon to gently lower the eggs into the water. Lower the heat to maintain a simmer and set a timer for 12 minutes.

Step 2: The Cooling Stage

After 12 minutes, take the pot off the heat, drain the hot water out, place the pot in the sink and run cold water over the eggs until the shells are cold to the touch. Yes, that’s it!

If you plan to shell them to serve and enjoy, tap them gently against the pot (or your sink) once they’re cool — the shells will shatter and slip right off.

Want an easy way to chop your egg into perfect little matchstick-like pieces? Here you go!


Here is a fun way to chop your hard-boiled eggs.


Anti-Procrastination Tuesday


Weekly Update


Last week was a good week. I’ve learned a new productivity system that is actually keeping my inbox cleared out and at zero, and drastically affecting my life, in several different areas. Home, errands, phone and computer all have their separate task lists, and any email pertaining to these categories go under the same label, filed nicely in my gmail sidebar where I can easily find them. I’m seriously in awe! No more emails sitting in my inbox just to keep them front and center so I won’t forget. No more task lists crowding up my brain! I have a place to put every to-do, and I can’t tell you how much more efficient my life is running. If this system keeps working as beautifully as it has this past week, then I will for sure be sharing it with YOU! Is this something you would be interested in?


Weekly Goals

Meal Plan — grocery list +5 meals

Rescue My Home — dust, sweep, vacuum, mop, bathrooms

Dates — my Todd, my girls, one close friend

Do a Pin —How To Clean A Glass Cooktop


Daily To-Do

Spiritual —journalScripture, pray, meditate

Move Body–walk, yoga or strength training

Hydrate + Nutrients –greens & berries, vitamins, water

One Full Load — dishwasher & laundry

Cleaning, Clutter & Computer Zones — {Master Bedroom}, {My Wardrobe}, & {Starred File in Gmail}


Ap-poster copy

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Specific Goals

Continue reading: Present Over Perfect

Finish reading: Anti-Cancer: A New Way of Life

Start reading: Life From Scratch

Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe


Recipes To Make

Baked Chili Lime Salmon

Easy Spaghetti Sauce

3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cups

Chicken Enchiladas


Bone Broth


Crockpot Bone Broth

Chicken Noodle Soup

Tamari Dressing

Homemade Velveeta



What are you wanting to get done this week?

What recipes are you planning on making?

Are you on Pinterest? Share a favorite pin you want to accomplish.