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Best Kitchen Drawer Organization

kitchen drawer organization system

Kitchen drawer organization has been on my to-do list for quite a while now.  This past summer, we had a full kitchen update (posts coming soon!) and I have been so very happy with it! Everything works so much better now, but one area that quickly became a problem was my kitchen utensil drawer.

We only have 2 drawers in our kitchen, but thanks to the update they are now nice & wide drawers that give us lots of drawer space.  I keep utensils in one and kitchen towels and knives in the other.

The drawer with the utensils is the one I will focus on today.


As you can see, we were just throwing all utensils in there and it became almost impossible to close the drawer. Even the rubber mat that was supposed to be under all of those utensils was all bunched up. It was driving me nuts!

Kitchen Drawer Organization Bin System

I knew I needed a system and the one I bought one has been working perfectly the last few weeks. I found this Simple + Style organizer set from Sam’s Club as one of their New Year’s promotions, which they are no longer having, but you can purchase a similar system here on Amazon {affiliate link}. The Madesmart system got great reviews on Amazon, but I would recommend purchasing 2 kits, which is doable as they are only $9.99/kit. I paid a little over $20 for mine, and it was worth every penny!  If you have any leftover compartments, you could use them for office drawer organization or bathroom drawer organization–think paperclips, pens, or toothpaste and hair accessories!

kitchen drawer organization system

 What I loved about compartment/bin systems is that no matter what your drawer size, you can find a way for the different sizes to work for you.  I had great fun figuring out how to make them work in my particular drawer- it was almost like a puzzle-and even had a few leftover bins that I used in our second drawer to hold my knives.

kitchen drawer organization system

I love that they can be easily washed and that they are dishwasher safe.  Speaking of the dishwasher, my girls take turns emptying the dishwasher and I’ve been pleasantly surprised that they have put all of the utensils back exactly where they go. The system is pretty intuitive, with “like” items going in the same compartment together, so they have easily been able to figure it out.

kitchen drawer organization system

It is so great to be able to fit everything I need into the drawer, and the ease of getting items out and putting them away has been downright enjoyable! My little baker, Avery, loves that the measuring cups and spoons are an easy grab, and I couldn’t agree more.

The only other place I have kitchen utensils is a few wooden spoons corralled in a container that sits out by my stove. I like how it looks, and the ease of grabbing a spoon to stir while cooking. I like how it frees up some space in our utensil drawer so everything fits just right.

I am so thankful for our newly updated kitchen.  It is small, but I like that it forces us to keep a minimal mindset, to keep things organized & only have what we use on a regular basis in our kitchen.


Is a compartment/bin system appealing to you? Do you have trouble keeping kitchen utensils organized? What works for you?

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