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A Quick Lunch Salad & How To Keep Your Salads Interesting

Sometimes reaching my goal of getting leafy greens into my body everyday can get boring.  Especially in a salad form!  I have made it my mission to find ways to motivate myself to keep up the salads and buy ingredients to take them from boring to delicious!  
Here are 2 key ways I do this:
1. I use a mandolin to slice my veggies, then store them in mason jars.  Cut em’ once, store them for the week.  
2. Splurge on ingredients that make compliment greens and make them delicious. A couple ways I do this with seasoned/ glazed nuts & sesame sticks.  I have even been known to crush wheat crackers and sprinkle on top for a little bit of crunch.  I also like to do it with fruit, from dried cranberries to sliced apples & clementines.
Sliced colorful veggies including tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and carrots
A mandolin is the best and fastest way I have found to slice veggies.

Sliced colorful veggies

Add beans for protein…or hard-boiled eggs.

Sweet and spicy pecans from Trader Joes
Splurge on the extras.  These Sweet & Spicy Pecans from Trader Joes are amazing, and I also love their sesame sticks. It may add a few extra calories, but to me it is so worth it when I think of all those flavonoids, anti-oxidants & vitamins I am getting from the veggies.
Coming soon—>How to make your own salad dressing using no oils, only the natural oils from nuts!
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