8 Simple Ways To Freshen Up Your Look

Getting tired of your winter wardrobe?  Hang on, spring is coming!
Until then, here are a few simple ways to freshen up your look.

1. Layered Necklaces- I was slow to jump on this bandwagon.  My first thought was, “c’mon people I’m trying to keep it simple, and you want me to buy MORE necklaces?” Well, the look has won me over, and I am finding that places, like Claire’s, have necklaces that look like there are many, but actually it is just one, and are quite inexpensive. I’ve also found that you can mix and match different metals and colors, so using what you have on hand is easy and looks great.

2. Scarves-I already wrote about how great scarves are to freshen up a look.  You can read here about the many different ways you can wear them.  I am happy to see they are coming out with lighter- weight scarfs for spring and summer, these are more of an accessory than something to keep in warmth.  I’m all over this trend, I love that I can keep my same simple outfits (jeans and a ribbed tank top for example) and add some interest with a simple scarf.

3. Patterned flats-the same idea as a scarf, just on your feet instead of around your neck. Think of them as an accessory.  It is fun to give a little interest at your feet with stripes or polka dots, plaids and even florals.

4. Hair accessories-if I ever get the time and motivation, I am going to make a bunch of these homemade.  There are so many fun things out right now that would be so easy to duplicate-headbands with feathers or flowers and tulle, little clips with single silk flowers on them edged in glitter.  I’ve got all kinds of ideas swirling in my head! Give me a box of duckbill clips and a glue gun, and I’ll become a accessory  makin’ crazy lady!

5. Hats-I wear a lot of hats in the winter.  They help create a look, keep my noggin warm, and hide my bedhead.  Below is a military style hat, which is a cute, casual look.  Fedoras are all the rage right now in Hollywood- I think if I were a celebrity I’d want to hide under one, too!

6. A Colorful bag- I’ve been keeping my eye out for the perfect mustard colored bag.  My thinking is, it would match with everything!  Bright colored bags are great for adding to an outfit, even if wearing all black, carrying a great bag on your shoulder creates a point of interest and a pop of color.  Powerful, those handbags are, powerful!

7. Leggings-Lately I have been putting leggings with shorter dresses that really are for summer, but paired with a long sleeve shirt underneath and leggings, “summer” dresses can be worn in the winter.  Leggings are great for longer sweater/shirts and skirts, and they keep legs warm in the winter.  They look great with boots over them, or throw on some of those patterned flats we were talking about as the weather gets warmer.

8. Bright nail polish- Did did you see the new color line from OPI polish?  It is inspired by Alice in Wonderland and it is BRIGHT and even has a few glittery colors.  I don’t know if I would wear many of the colors on my fingers, but I am quite brave when it comes to my toe nails.  Bright nails are just happy, so why not try some?

9. Bangles-stack them on!  The look is not uniform, so grab a handful of different textures and sizes.  Mix and match, anything goes!

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  • Angie
    April 9, 2010 at 6:08 pm

    Ok so I’m a little more “fresh” than I thought I was! Good to know! 😉 I’m just missing some cuter flats and a bright bag. Other than that I’ve got the rest of it nailed! 😉

  • Destri {The Mother Huddle}
    February 19, 2010 at 10:37 pm

    That headband….I have to have it…have to!

  • Laurie
    February 19, 2010 at 4:09 pm

    Awesome tips Amy! I want a mustard bag too! I love the hair accessories because they really do stand out in spring and would be so easy (and cheap)to make. Even a simple ribbon tied in a bow is pretty. Lets make a goal and make some!

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