8 Awesome Gifts For The Tea Lover In Your Life


I have a few tea lover’s in my life that I love to buy gifts for.  I’m also personally beginning to fall more and more in love with tea.  The health benefits of tea cannot be argued with, and it is the perfect beverage to help slow life down.  The ritual of heating up water & stopping to sip something warm is a beautiful way to live slow and well.  Holding a warm cup and stopping to enjoy the aroma is another way to slow and just allow one to breath, which can be so healing in the middle of busy days.

Below are 8 awesome gifts I have gathered for the tea lover.  All are from Mountain Rose Herbs, which is by far my favorite company for tea and for essential oils.  The below links are affiliate links, but know that I will not recommend anything I would not buy myself here at New Nostalgia.  Enjoy!



Rich, healthy, and delicious; this full flavored tea is ideal for every day. An infusion designed to keep all of the wonderful women out there balanced. For a balancing decoction try our Women’s Freedom Tea, or keep both around for whatever mood you may be in.

This tea blend is on my next order list.  It looks beautiful, sounds delicious, AND I can use all the mood balancing help I can get!


This is one of the most versatile mesh tea infusers offered by Mountain Rose Herbs. The infuser has a convenient wooden handle, and a stainless steel lip which creates a snug fit around your mug. Rim measures 3” in diameter, and the mesh reservoir measures 2” deep.

Love the simplicity and easy use and design of this infuser.


This beautiful clear glass tea pot has a 32 ounce (4 cup) capacity and is made of borosilicate glass that is temperature resistant, lead-free, and made from 20% recycled materials. Glass teapots allow you to fully appreciate the marvelous art of tea brewing and are especially suited for flowering teas, which enable you to see the furling of tea leaves. Each teapot is fitted with a glass infuser reservoir for placement of your loose leaf tea. Our glass tea pots are dishwasher and microwave safe.

A glass teapot with a built in diffuser.  Perfect.  I would love this with the below teapot warmer to sit at my desk all morning while I work.  


New design! This glass tea pot warmer is not only functional and sturdy, but stylish as well! Suitable for glass and porcelain teapots, and perfect for those of us who enjoy leisurely sipping our tea. Made in Taiwan, it features a glass tea lite candle holder, and metal teapot platform. The lit candle will keep tea heated for hours, while simultaneously providing a perfect ambiance of relaxation and warmth. Measures 5 1/2” in diameter and 2 5/8” tall.

I’m drooling over this glass tea warmer.  On the list it goes.



Enjoy loose leaf tea in these convenient, simple to use, and ecologically friendly tea infusers! These filters are ideal for those who dislike the mess commonly associated with loose-leaf tea, and are especially useful for shops and cafes.Uniquely designed with a gusseted bottom which allows the tea leaves to completely unfurl, thus increasing the flavor and strength of the tea. These tea filters also have a paper flap which is perfect for tucking under the lid of a tea pot or a travel mug. Made from 100% natural, unbleached, and chlorine free paper.
Each box contains 100 tea filters.

These disposable bags are great for those who don’t want to mess with cleaning up an infuser.


This elegant glass and stainless steel timer takes the guesswork out of brewing a perfect cup of tea! Whether you prefer a light, medium or strong cup, the colored sand in the hourglasses alerts you when your tea is finished brewing just the way you like it. Hourglasses run for 3, 4 and 5 minutes.

 I have not seen a timer quite like this one.  It would be so handy, especially having the option of 3, 4, or 5 minutes!  It would be so cute stuck in a gift bag for a tea-loving friend.


A popular tea-brewing tool, especially among those with sensitive fingers. If you grow tired of blisters, burnt fingers, or the occasional pain associated with squeezing your scalding teabags by hand, then try one of these! Stainless steel.

There is something satisfying about getting that last bit of squeezed goodness from the tea bag.  I read a study once that said that last bit of squeeze can really amplify the goodness and nutrition of the tea.  Who knew?


This eminently useful, single serving carafe is ideal for your bedside, desktop, mobile retreats, or, when a smaller amount of tea is preferred for single use. Like our standard Tea Carafe, this one has a similar French style design, with a charming round glass vessel which hoists a stainless steel mesh infuser into it for immediate infusing.This is a beautiful and efficient way to make tea. Simply fill the infuser with your tea of choice and submerge into a carafe full of hot water. When your tea reaches its desired strength, simply lift it out and enjoy! Replacement glass available.
Carafe holds 20 oz liquid.

This personal tea carafe is so good looking!  Drooling.


Do you drink tea regularly?  Everyday?

Do you use a teapot or a special tea cup?

Do you feel it slows you down and allows you to breath in the midst of your day?

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  • Lee ann zeiger
    February 5, 2015 at 2:29 pm

    I love my teas.one of my favorites is Jasmine Silver Needle.Iget it at Teavana.I also love their tea infuser that goes over the cup.Dont know what it’s called. ……love my tea especially at night to wind down my day.

    thanks Amy for the tips

    Lee ann

  • Anonymous
    February 5, 2015 at 12:14 pm

    I found one of the little tea timers for a friend iin SWEDEN on a trip last summer. She absolutely loves it~ Ta

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