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14 Ways To Organize A Bedroom

Minimizing a teen's room

I am in the middle of a Minimalizing My Home series, and I find myself lacking motivation.  I have saved the worst rooms for last, and they seem to have gotten worse as the areas I have worked on have gotten better!

I needed some motivation to tackle my next room–my 13 year old daughter’s room.  She has lots of accessories as most 13 year old’s do. She is artsy and clutter is beautiful to her, so it is going to be a tough one!  The key is some smart organization in her room so I have been collecting some pins from my Organizational Boards on Pinterest to motivate me.

Here are some I plan on using to help organize her bedroom:

14 ways to organize a bedroom
1.Use tension rods + shower rings/hooks for accessories via Our House In the Middle of Our Street2. Rings for scarves via Irina’s Cute Box

3. Cut shoe boxes in half for drawer organizers via Real Simple

4. Picture frame photo holders.  (I will have to paint these in black or silver) via Nannygoat

5. Tea cup hooks with clips for small paper or photos via This Is Glamorous

6. Another example of picture frame holders with clips via Less Than Perfect

7. Another example of hooks for jewelry via Martha Stewart8. Tension rods for shoe organization via Niche Designs

14 ways to organize a bedroom

9. More tension rods for jewelry organization via Something Like That
10. Clear organizer for makeup via Sew Many Ways
11. Silverware organizer for makeup via Glitter Guide
12.Hangers with clips for boots via Browne Eyed Belle
13. Letter organizers for flip flop or flats storage via Hearty-Home
14. Bend wire hangers for flip flop storage via EPBOT————–

Looks like I need to stock up on tension rods and hooks!  I will post an update once I finish her room.  Wish me luck!


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