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12 Fun YouTube Videos That Help Me Live Well

12 YouTube Videos To Help You Live Well

Goodness, it has been a hot minute since I have written on this site. I miss it!

This past summer had me living day by day, minute by minute…and I have loved it. It was a strange feeling as I am usually a planner and like to think ahead and stick with the plan.

When God is in the minutes, living moment by moment is so very fulfilling and I feel more present than I ever have in my life. Minute by minute is a great way to live well!

It is not natural for me and the fall is bringing rhythms I am thankful for, but even now, I am enjoying a more fluid schedule and the unknown adventure each day brings. I will share more about what I’ve been doing in these more fluid moments soon, but for now…lets talk YouTube videos!

Here are some fun YouTube videos I have loved that have helped me live well in the moments lately. I love watching YouTube videos while relaxing in the evening.

Notice how many involve food! Ha!

I hope you enjoy them too!

12 YouTube Videos To Help You Live Well


Pour Over Coffee

I have been doing this Pour Over Coffee method months now and now know what an exceptional cup of coffee tastes like. It may have made me a bit of a coffee snob…or at least able to really appreciate a fine cup of coffee! No more expensive, plastic K cups or a machine taking up valuable kitchen counter space in our small kitchen. I always wondered if it would affect my health drinking coffee every day that had passed through plastic, and now I don’t have to worry.

I love grinding fresh coffee each morning —the aroma!–and the few minutes this takes feels slow and luxurious in the morning. I empty my dishwasher while I wait for my gooseneck kettle to boil which is a bonus. Little rhythms and routines like this each day seemed to have balanced the less routine moments of my summer.

Here is another video of a pour over coffee method that I loved.


Cleaning Rhythms

This video and method has really changed my attitude and thinking about cleaning. I have always done bits and pieces of it, but her 3 Wave Method as a whole room or house cleaning really does work well and gives the satisfaction of having an entire room tidied and cleaned all at once.

I have binge-watched her videos, cleaning tips from a professional definitely has helped me live well by keeping a company-ready house most of the time, at least in the main rooms that matter! My storage room and garage…that is another matter…



My theme song for the summer was Rescue. I have been doing some legacy writing projects, which brings some of the bravest of cancer fighters, cancer survivors and trauma survivors into my world. I find that deep friendships form when I am allowed to enter into others’ stories in such an intimate way. This song not only calms my heart but it has brought great hope to those I have shared it with.


Blow Out Curtain Bangs and Loose Waves

Living well can look all sorts of ways, and sometimes it looks like taking the time to blow out my bangs! I must admit most of the summer my hair is in a messy bun, but when I used the techniques in this Blow Out Curtain Bangs and Loose Waves video, I actually got a compliment on my hair from my man! He is an “enneagram 5” so he holds those compliments pretty close and can often think the positive things but not voice them. When a compliment actually makes it from his brain to his lips, I know my hair must be on point!


Ocean Waves

Here is a different type of wave that has helped me to live well by bringing calm. My sister sent this to me and said she uses the sound of these Ocean Waves in her morning quiet time. I tried it out and loved it too. We recently were in the Chicago area and sat by Lake Michigan, and the waves sounded very much like this. I just love big bodies of water that bring the waves. The never-ending ebb and flow, sometimes crashing sometimes soft and calm. Reminds me of life.

12 YouTube Videos To Help You Live Well

How To Make Oat Milk

Have you noticed some of the best coffee shops are now offering oat milk as an alternative plant-based milk? I just love the creamy texture and have made it myself using gluten-free oats and this How To Make Oat Milk video. An easy peasy and inexpensive plant-based milk for my lattes.


How To Pick The Perfect Produce

Gimme all the fresh fruit! We constantly have melon in our refrigerator during the summer and still have been now into fall.  Fall apples are my favs and I just love peaches too! Cannot wait to make my favorite peach dessert.

This How To Pick the Perfect Produce video is by Jordan Page and I just love her energy!


Yoga For Neck Shoulders & Back

I’ve been taking random jobs here and there to help supplement our income. I don’t want to depend on sponsored posts…I’d rather just write what I want for the most part on this blog. Sponsored posts depend on eyeballs on the blog, and Google has algorithm changes that have the power to show my posts to eyeballs or not. I’m exhausted from trying to keep up with by marketing myself, and have decided I don’t want to play the game of trying to be seen in Google results.

Plus I’ve been transitioning to a different type of writing along with this blog, which I cannot wait to share more about soon!

My husband also recently had a job change and is in the classroom again as a middle school teacher, and for the next couple of years will make a bit less than what we were used to. Because of these reasons I have taken on a couple of house cleaning jobs to supplement my writing and even a gardening job this summer!

I cannot tell you how good it has been to MOVE this body. It is the perfect compliment to my “sitting for hours and writing” job. Cleaning and gardening are no joke…it is hard physical work and great exercise! I feel like I get paid to work out!

Between these hard workouts and sitting at a computer writing, I am very much in need of yoga in my life. I especially love this video called Yoga For Neck Shoulders & Back on extra sore days.


9 Ingredient Chocolate Blender Muffins

These 9 ingredient Chocolate Blender Muffins are so fast to zip together in the blender and a great way to use up over ripe bananas. I like that they are gluten free and dairy free, as both have made me bloat lately! TMI? Or do you relate? If so try these muffins. The almond flour gives these some protein power, which is a nice bonus to balance out the usual carbs of a muffin.


Mixing Wringing & Mopping

This method of mopping has transformed my opinion of mopping. I used to really not care for mopping. It just was so time-consuming. This method is so fast and easy for all types of floors. I have learned that with the right tools, cleaning is a breeze. Tools I use for mopping? This mop, lavender castile soap, and these washable microfiber cloths that stick to the bottom of the mop. No more buying refills that rip and leave a residue. Buy these items, watch this video & fall in love with mopping just like I have!


1 Serving Blueberry Crumble

This Blueberry Crumble is perfect for after-dinner sweet cravings. It uses Swerve, which is a sweetener that a lot of people who are on a keto diet use,  but if you would like to stay away from that ingredient, you can just use sugar or maple syrup.


Instant Pot Cilantro Lime Chicken & Lentils

This dinner of Cilantro Lime Chicken & Lentils is fast, easy and everyone in my family loved it. I have been using my slow cooker and my instant pot much more often for dinners now that my schedule is more full. It is a way to work smarter not harder!


Do you love watching YouTube videos? PLEASE share your fav follows in the comments or tell me about what you like to watch. Also tell me if you like a simple post like this one of sharing my favs. If so I will do it more often!


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